This project uses GNU/Linux Crux as a source based distribution and a self hosted system. Self hosted system means that is capable of building it self from the sources. Port system used to build and package software is easy and simple to use and yet powerful. Is easy to clone or to create a collection and start adapting or creating ports according with the requirements.

Overall simplicity makes it easy to administrate and manage, the system follows Unix philosophy, for example uses sysvinit instead of systemd. Documentation contains scripts and configuration files that help to install and configure the operating system and it's services.

This system is capable of providing all the necessary services facing the Internet or Intranet.


Read crux install page for more information on how to install crux system on a machine. A system can be configured to build and host software ports, sources and packages to save time and space, check page Builder? for more information on how to configure server and the clients.

Tools necessary for administration and system usability such as; vim or openssh are part of core collection, ports collection contains meta-core port to install other tools such as tmux and others from opt and contrib collections.

Network documentation is split between core network and tools network. Init scripts handle network configuration and firewall.

Check security tools and hardening page.

To add an administrator or user check users documentation.


Check qemu software page and qemu images.

Domain name services



Postgresql and Maria DB


Nginx and php-fpm?.

Applications are deployed automatically by gitolite script. (document and link to more information).

Version Control System

Git server uses gitolite to manage users, permissions and repositories, gitweb is a web interface.