March 11, 2020, at 05:35 AM by Silvino in News (0 comments)

Tribu ports have been update to crux 3.5, email server describes how to administer using web, documentation updates and fix's and wiki updates.

Remain documentation and services are being updated with minor corrections.

Install now have quick setup, allows to quickly install required packages provided by meta-core. For server meta-server was added, it adds all the packages necessary to run database, git, web and email server. Ports and packages mirror to track host git repositories;

Index page with a list of built ports. (stable-3.5)
Distribution files. (stable-3.5)
Index page with a list of built packages. (stable-3.5)
Build Errors
Logs with port build errors.
Special crux binary package releases. (git)
Archive of distribution and package files.

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