First News Post

July 15, 2019, at 12:31 AM by Silvino in Project? (0 comments)

First post using b3 cookbook with description about the project

Project uses linux/gnu crux as a operating system, this server runs Crux. Current version being documented and ports being maintained is 3.4. Read crux install page for information about installation process or desktop page for more information about applications and other utilities.

Wiki is divided in sections;

Pages with information about software with links to other pages and howtos.
Pages with howtos and general information.

This server mirror and hosts source files, binary packages (pkg-get) and port collections.

Planned work

Most of the work will be done integrating user registry and login with all web apps including email;

Email server with web interface.
This wiki.
E-commerce system.
Project/Task/Bug manager.

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