Portuguese invoices red-tape

This page is only a draft

This page tries to organize all information relative to invoice law of Portuguese colony. The law was designed to take freelancers and small business out of the market. Effort will be make to offer market opportunity to freelancers and small business.

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Decrees of law

Decree-law n.ยบ 28/2019
Regulates the obligations relating to the processing of invoices and other fiscally relevant documents, as well as the obligations to keep books, records and related supporting documents for VAT taxpayers.

"Article 4 - Obligation to use specific media"

"... are only required to use computer programs that have been previously certified by AT, whenever:"

"a) have a turnover of more than (euro) 50 000 in the previous calendar year or, when, in the year in which the activity commences, the reporting period is less than the calendar year, and the annualized turnover for that period exceeds that amount;"

"c) are required to have or have opted for organized accounting."

Process of certification