PHP system

How to setup psys and start developing web applications with php as a back end. Read php page to install and configure php tools and database server page contains links to documentation and notes about PostgreSQL database.

Install and configure git and configure identities, this examples describe remote Host as git.

After install and configuration of PHP, PostgreSQL and git, clone the project;

$ git clone git:psys.git
$ git fetch --all

Create user on PostgresSQL;

$ sudo -u postgres -g postgres createuser \
        --pwprompt --encrypted \
        --no-createrole --no-createdb \

Create database for user;

$ sudo -u postgres -g postgres createdb \
   --template=template0 \
   --encoding=UTF8 \
   --owner=system_user db_system


$ psql db_system system_user

Start php built in server;

$ php -S localhost:9000

Visit localhost:9000 on your browser, should be redirected to first installer page. Install system already install tables required by email system.


Prototype have some features that need to be polished, sql statements are on separate text files with sql extensions and code that loads sql into a pdo statement needs to be documented.

Task and email can be implemented later. For quick prototyping of administration, login and registry code from tribushop? can be used because of the similarities.

When developing the installer it self is useful to delete database;

$ sudo -u postgres dropdb db_system