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What is LeetIO?

LeetIO is a group of small projects that use free software tools based on OpenBSD and Crux Gnu\Linux distribution.

Crux Gnu\Linux distribution is a self hosted system that allows you to clone it to serve your needs. The system can be installed into a virtual machine, bare bones server, desktop or laptop. A port to ARM computers on module exists.

Self hosted means you own and control all your infrastructure, e.g. computer, software sources, data and services necessary to develop and deploy your own clone and applications.

This helps individuals and organizations avoid becoming a product that can be sold, being snooped on, and having corporations dictating what can be or not done with your infrastructure, software and data.

Exception for kernels that require blobs for specific device to work preference is given to which ones share more of the key-values of a libre system.

How to start?

Start by knowing how to use this wiki, feel free to make questions on the forum.